TSA Pat-Down Of A 10-Year-Old Girl (VIDEO)
A hot topic today is this video, of a 10-year-old girl who needed extra screening, because she forgot to remove a Capri Sun juice pouch from her carry-on luggage.
Is this really necessary?
And how awkward is this?
This video is just creepy, and I have seen a lot of creepy things on and off the internet…
TSA Sets New Records For Found Guns At Security Check Points
The rules of what you CAN and CANNOT take on a plane via carry on and checked in baggage is out there for the public to read up on. Yet, still some people try to push their luck and sneak items on board. Some play dumb but in certain cases you can't; like trying to a gun on a plane (just saying…
TSA Now On Instagram – See What They Find & More [Photos]
The Transportation Safety Administration has blogged about their weekly findings of prohibited items since 2008. Heck, just last week they found 30 firearms that were in luggage; 27 of them loaded. With that in mind, the TSA has now taken to Instagram to further promote what you cannot bring on a pl…

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