Different Things That Are The Same
The guys on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show were talking about the 6 country songs that sound the same, if you have not seen the video yet, here is a link to it off of the Free Beer & Hot Wings web site.
The Coors Light Twins — Still Got It?
Beer commercials became tolerable to football fans with short attention spans when ad men realized that guys like blonds in skimpy clothes with perky breasts. The day our screens gave us a shot of the gorgeous Klimaszewski sisters, the ‘Coors Light Twins,’ we built an altar to …
Twins – Can They Communicate Without Words? [VIDEO]
So when I searched ‘funny videos’ today, this is what it came up with. When I watch the video here, I’m pretty sure I heard some of the audio on Free Beer and Hot Wings, but it was really tough to just listen to without seeing these two in action.
Twins’ Francisco Liriano Throws A No-Hitter
The Minnesota Twins' Francisco Liriano threw a no-hitter Tuesday night, etching his name into history with a 1-0 win over the Chicago White Sox.
The 27 year old south paw needed 123 pitches to deny the Sox a hit according to Rick Gano, an AP sports writer...