This 1950’s Educational PSA Is Unintentionally The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today
Looks like this guy has some serious issues with the women in his workplace. What is Mr. Bradshaw supposed to do when surround by all of these *gasp* women?!? Okay, first and foremost, this thing is titled "The Trouble With Women". And of course, the first thing that you see is a woman aggressively chewing gum and not quite able to figure out how the contraption in front of her works...
Free Advice Friday
Flu season is in full swing especially around the Q studios. So on this weeks Free Advice Friday we thought we'd give you a couple of helpful tips on how to avoid catching the plague at work.
Workplace Kitchens
Ever see a truly clean Workplace Kitchen? Almost no one ever has. From the food splattered microwave that hasn't been cleaned since it was bought 10 years ago to the sugar covered counter top from those drinking coffee. What about the fridge? You could host a science fair with what's growing in there. So just how dirty is your Workplace Kitchen? Science tells us all.
Feel Like Telling Off The Boss
Of course the big race is going on today, but that's not really my bag.  I'm going to Sunday dinner at my parent's house after work, so I'm sure that I'll be forced to watch it anyway, but what is really on my mind is telling off the boss.  Do you feel me?