Here's to all of the amazing live music of 2018!

The year is officially coming to an end. It was definitely a year of great shows in and around the Capital Region.  Honestly, I think it's been the best year in awhile with just how much good live rock there was.  In true end of the year fashion, each year I take a look back at the top live music I saw.  This year, it was tough to single out my top 5.  So- here are the 5 I was finally able to pick.  Let me know what you would add or change about the list!

  1. Shinedown/Godsmack: Both bands are amazing on their own.  Let alone together. AND with Red Sun Rising opening? A phenomenal lineup and a bada** show.  Shinedown absolutely rocked SPAC, and everything from the vocals to the lights were perfect. Godsmack afterwards was the cherry on top.
  2. Metallica: Need I say more?  The Times Union Center will never be the same.
  3. Ghost: Sinfully amazing.  They rocked the Palace last year, this year they were even better.  With impeccable harmonies and a tight production, Ghost was one of the Top 5 hands down, if not in the Top 3 of the year.
  4. Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson: I got to catch the 'Twins of Evil' tour in August, not far from the Capital District.  At their tour stop in Hartford, CT, it was well worth the short trip. Zombie and Manson were bad in ALL the right ways.  From Marilyn Manson's costumes and debauchery to Rob Zombie just plain being Rob Zombie, this was definitely a tour to see.
  5. Def Leppard/Journey: Hits on hits on hits on hits.  Both bands performed great live, and the show was just plain fun.  I've seen both bands multiple times, and I'd see them again!

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