We've all made mistakes in life, and professional athletes have made mistakes, too.

Unfortunately, when you are successful enough in your sport to play it professionally, you receive much more attention and scrutiny from the public than the average Joe. Because of that, your accomplishments are celebrated, but your mistakes are magnified and criticized.

When it comes to players, past and present, on the New York Giants, these players fit into that category, having been in trouble with the law at one point or another.

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As one would expect, the issues that have faced Giants' players in the past have ranged in severity, from traffic violations to murder charges. Luckily, however, certain stories that we found for these players have involved tales of redemption. Players have become public speakers, or advocates, for those who suffer from issues that plagued them during their earlier years.

Take a player like Lawrence Taylor, for example. He is one of the best players to play for the G-Men, and one of the most fearsome defensive players in NFL history. Even he, one of the most beloved players in Giants' history, had his struggles during his playing days. Taylor spent the better part of two decades, from the 90's until the late 2000's, working on himself and trying to live a clean lifestyle.

If there's one takeaway from this story, or my earlier stories on the Yankees and Mets, it's this: if you read a headline of a player who's in trouble, do some more research before you pass judgement on them. There may be more than meets the eye.

All of that being said, here are ten players who played for the Giants, who had run-ins with the law, and where life took them from there.

Ten New York Giants' Players Who Got in Trouble with the Law

Every pro athlete has a human side, and as humans, we make mistakes. Here are ten New York Giants' players whose mistakes got them in trouble with the law.

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