It should be one of the biggest no-brainer casting moments for the Marvel universe: Terry Crews as Luke Cage. Yet, we've had no significant movement on a Luke Cage movie (or TV show, for that matter), while rumors continue to persist about another African-American Marvel movie ('Black Panther') continue. Well, despite the obvious fancasting, Terry Crews says Luke Cage is "being ignored" at Marvel and he has no interest in playing the superhero.

Crews, who is out promoting his new Fox sitcom 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' and the upcoming animated film 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2' and was asked about his interest in playing Luke Cage (as he often is), and despite the usual "sure I'd love to!" quote you get from most actors, Crews was far more honest when talking to Blackfilm.

I’m trying to take myself outta that running. Because everybody’s like, ‘I want to play this superhero character, that superhero character’. I’d rather make up my own. Make a brand new one, you know. I think everybody’s is forcing this 'Power Man,' Luke Cage thing. Man, it’s obvious, Marvel, for some reason, is not getting down with it. He’s being ignored.

And sadly, it's true. Marvel is definitely not "getting down with" a Luke Cage adaptation, despite it being one of the easier (and cheaper) films in their universe to produce. Instead of just waiting around for years and years while Marvel figures out how to get their stuff together, Crews is publicly moving on. And if Marvel really wants to make a Luke Cage movie, they can call their new friend Vin Diesel.

It's a shame that Crews, one of the most dynamic and exciting action actors hasn't yet been approached for a superhero movie but if he really can develop his own superhero character, best of luck to him. He certainly deserves a shot and if it's not going to be with Marvel, we just hope it's somewhere along the way.

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