Last night, Alice Cooper took on New York and rocked the Cool Insuring Arena.  Broadcasting live, we got the chance to see a lot, experience a lot, and I have to say, there were some pretty awesome things about the show (and NOT just Alice Cooper himself).

Anytime Alice performs, it's going to be a good show.  That's a given.  He's a legend.  Plus with the likes of Nita Strauss and Ryan Roxie backing him up, you know the music itself will shred.  But there were a few super cool and rock and roll things that I absolutely loved about the show last night.  Here they are:

  • The Costumes: I saw Alice Cooper as a child, Alice Cooper as an adult, Alice Cooper of ALL ages.  It was so cool watching the doors open and see fans filter in of all ages dressed as Alice Cooper- and let me tell you, the outfits were spot on.
  • Glen Sobel: We got the chance to interview drummer Glen Sobel while broadcasting live, currently playing with Alice Cooper.  He talked a little bit about filling in with Motley Crue for Tommy Lee, and working with the Hollywood Vampires.  A total rockstar, total great drummer, and he just rocked it on stage.
  • The Balloon Thrower: I was watching the meet and greet crowd as someone got picked to throw balloons from the stage.  I have no clue who it was, I don't know how they were picked, all I know is that the woman's reaction was priceless.  It was everything about why I absolutely love rock and roll!  So whoever you were who got picked to throw the balloons, thank you for your genuine and amazing rocking reaction!
  • Ryan Roxie: Nita Strauss gets a lot of attention.  She obviously rocks.  But Ryan Roxie, Cooper's other guitarist- OK he totally shreds at the guitar too.  Plus, he came out after doors opened, said hi to us broadcasting.  Took some photos with fans.  And after watching the whole thing go down, I have to say I'M even more of a fan.
  • The crowd:  I said it once, I'll say it again- Capital Region, you guys rock!  Plus, there were fans and people I met who drove in from all over to see Alice.  I had a chat with someone from the metro area, other people who were local.  And all together, seriously you rocked.  The cheering, the energy.  There's nothing worse than going to a rock show where everyone just stands still lifeless.  I don't think I've ever had to worry about that here in the Capital Region- you bring your A-game!

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