When it comes down to it, both Brian Johnson and Bon Scott are phenomenal lead men for the legendary band. This one was who the area prefers.

When it comes to my opinion on the matter, I have a hard time picking. You truthfully can't go wrong picking one or the other. I think I may lean a little more towards Bon Scott myself though. The hits the band had with him are some of my favorites by the band, "Highway to Hell", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", "Jailbreak", "TNT" and "Its a Long Way To The Top" all are awesome songs. Does the Capital Region agree with my choice of the better?

Yes, by far. Bon Scott received a whopping 36 votes to Brian Johnson's 8. It should also be noted Axl Rose took 5 votes as well. Axl is a good "Fill-In" for Brian Johnson, but that's about it. Do you believe Bon Scott is the better frontman?