Hello, I am the Creepster Bunny. I am coming out of my bunny hole tomorrow to hide my eggs. If you want to win tickets to Q-Ruption then you will want to find my eggs.

Creepster Bunny

I am not the type of bunny that starts fights in malls. I'm a good Creepster Bunny. Some bunnies leave you candy in their eggs, but not me, I leave Q-Ruption tickets in my eggs.

How did I get the tickets in my eggs?

I could tell you but it's kind of creepy.

If you want to find my eggs then you're going to have to find the clues on Q103's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on Friday. They'll be posted throughout the day, and you'll have to use them to find the eggs.

Remember kids, some bunnies get into fights at malls, some bunnies used to take off their clothes for Playboy, some bunnies say "What's up Doc?" and some bunnies poop jelly beans, but only Q103's Creepster Bunny can rock your Easter basket.

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