On the "Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show," the guys talked about the crazy lady that dropkicked a birthday cake at a grocery store because she did not like how it looked, if you have worked in retail or food services you must have dealt with something like this before.

When I used to work at the good old Hollywood Video store on Central Avenue in Albany, a very grumpy woman used to come in three times a day almost three to four hours a part from each visit. She had a V.I.P. account that she paid for monthly so that she could rent up to three movies at a time with no return date.

Most of the employees knew that she was ripping the movies to her computer then copying them and selling them online, but no one did anything about it.

She came into the store one time while I was working with my assistant manager, who was not aware of what she was doing because he did not really care about anything but his own business.

The grumpy woman approached me and asked if we had any copies of the movie "Man of Honor?"

I knew exactly where the movie was because I am awesome and knew that "Man of Honor" is a drama starring Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr. I took her to the drama section and found the movie for her but she told me that it was the wrong movie.

" It has that funny guy from the doctor show in it." She told me.

"Hugh Laurie?" I asked.

"No." She said.

"Patrick Dempsey?" I asked.

She stomped her feet and put her hands on her hips and said "No, You don't know anything, is there anyone else here but you that can actually help me?"

The assistant manager was busy and I thought I could handle the situation myself, I checked our stores inventory for "Maid of Honor" starring Patrick Dempsey, " I am pretty sure it's Patrick Dempsey, he's on 'Grey's Anatomy' my girlfriend watches that sho..."

"I don't care!" she interrupted me. "That's not who it is."

I concentrated on finding the movie at that point and dropped the conversation, I saw that we had no copies of "Maid of Honor" to rent but plenty for sale, but I knew that she did not want to buy the movie because she wanted to rent the movie to rip it and sell it herself.

" We don't have any copies of the movie you are looking for to rent, but we have them to own." I gestured to the 'Movies for Sale' for non-members section of the store.

" I don't want to buy it! I want to rent it!"

At that point I felt that I had no other choice and got the attention of the assistant manager.

"What's the problem?" He asked.

I started to explain, "She want's to rent a copy of 'Maid of Honor.'"

"MAN OF HONOR!!!" She shouted at me.

I continued to explain to the assistant manager the situation without saying the title of the movie or the fact that Patrick Dempsey is the star of the movie. Not completely understanding the situation the assistant manager laughed at me and looked back over toward the grumpy woman, he walked her over to the movies for sale section and brought her back to the front to ring her out, I folded my arms and leaned against the counter smirking, ready to enjoy the show.

" Alright that will $8.63." He said.

"What?!? I am a V.I.P. you're not supposed to charge me to rent, I am on the monthly plan!" She shouted at him.

"Oh no, this one is not for rent, you're going to own it." He smiled at her, thinking he cleared everything up.

" I don't want to buy it! I want to rent it!" She shouted.

" But if you buy it, then you won't have to bring it back and you can rent more movies." He explained.

"I don't want to buy it! I want to rent it! It's for my daughter!"

"I'm sorry." He said "We only have it to buy, not for rent."

She glared at him. "Then let me rent one of them to buy."

" I can't do that." he said.

"Yes you can!" She screamed. " You think I was born yesterday?!?! I see it right there, you can rent that to me."

"No I can't this one is for sale, not for rent."

" I am not blind! You have that movie in your hand and you can rent it to me, you just don't want to! and now my daughter is going to hate me!"

Long story short eventually the grumpy woman came in later and there was a copy of "Maid of Honor" for her to rent, the assistant manager and I were informed to just let her have what she wants next time by the Manager who did not seem to care that it was obvious the woman was ripping and selling our movies.