An Ohio bank made a huge error last week when they foreclosed on the wrong person's home.  The bank sent repo men to the house to remove the belongings and to change the locks.  The bank claims that the repo men got confused with the GPS system they were using and ended up at the wrong address.

The woman is now trying to get the bank to pay $18,000 to cover the cost of the stolen goods.  The bank is not being that cooperative and says that they want receipts for the items taken and will not pay the retail price of the merchandise that was taken.  Because that seems fair.  They steal all you stuff and then won't pay you back for it.

See what Free Beer and Hot Wings have to say about this epic blunder below.

Just because they're an institution of some sort...  they broke into her home and stole her stuff.  I don't care what their intentions were. - Hot Wings