In this episode of The Generation X Files Tatiana and I pay homage to Art Bell by inviting American Johnny to tell ghost stories with us but things get a little out of hand when the three of us experiment with Tatiana’s forbidden Ouija Board.

Before recording this one I had reached out to our audience and asked if you would like to share your ghost stories with us, one person shared. There was another person who insisted that our radio station is a ghost of itself. I wonder if this is what Art Bell had to go through when he first started out?

The day before we recorded this episode Tatiana and I tried to reach out again, this time on our own social media accounts, asking for people to share their ghost stories with us. Once again we got one person who wanted tot participate.

On Art Bell’s radio show he always took callers, emails and letters from listeners, we wanted our Art Bell tribute Podcast to run like one of his shows but that did not happen.

We made contact with a few ghosts though, the ghosts almost outnumbered us, so if any of us or the studio that we recorded in ends up haunted I am blaming all of you!

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