Tatiana and I did not intend for this episode of The Generation X Files which is a tribute to Kevin Smith to be available on 4/20 but it is, I guess you can say that it’s not even supposed to be here today!

On this episode of The Generation X Files Tatiana and I talk all about Kevin Smith movies, we don’t claim to be experts on the subject but we both really like Kevin Smith’s movies and we have a podcast, so why not have a podcast talking about how much we like Kevin Smith’s movies?

As usual Tatiana and I marched into the studio with the intentions of conducting a professional, informative podcast analyzing the work of writer/director Kevin Smith, then the giggles started. Maybe it’s because we both drink too much coffee or maybe it’s the weather, whatever it is, I would like to formally blame that thing for making us sound like two heads full of giggles.

If we made any mistakes, false claims or have been inaccurate about anything, well then that is just fine because we are not experts, we’re just slackers with a podcast.

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