When I visited DJ Supreme at Hot 99.1 for some great debates I brought up Miley Cyrus again because I heard that she is letting her fans touch her junk at her shows, so I asked DJ Supreme the burning question.

Now if you don't believe me here is proof that Miley Cyrus is letting people touch her.

Would I touch Miley Cyrus's junk?

I don't think that I would ever find myself a situation where touching Miley Cyrus would be an option because I would never pay to see her perform, if I somehow found myself at a Miley Cyrus show and had the opportunity I would touch Miley Cyrus's junk with a cotton glove, so that I can get some real Miley stank on it, I would have someone take pictures of me touching her with the glove, then I would put the glove in a ziplock bag and sell it on Ebay.