The hate returns on The Generation X Files and this time it’s just Tatiana and I doing all of the hating this time on The Generation X Files.

I still blame millennials for taking all the fun out of being a hater, most millennials are snowflakes and the idea of someone disagreeing with them or not appreciating something the same way that they do will make them cry.

It used to be that everyone was entitled to their own opinion, but millennials could not handle contrasting opinions so they labeled those who disagreed with them ‘Haters.’

Nazi’s ruined the fun in hating too but nazis ruin everything.

Hating is not always a bad thing, hating is rarely a good thing but hate can also be harmless, funny and therapeutic and if you think that we’re bad people for hating then you’re a Nazi.

Listen to us hate on everything from Choachella to Sidney Crosby

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