The states last one-room schoolhouse might be expanding. The Little Red Schoolhouse in North Greenbush was build almost 160 years ago and is the last remaining one-room schoolhouse in the state....and the one in the country. That might change if expansion plans go forward.

Members of the community gathered Tuesday to hear about the proposal that would include a 3.2-acre land purchase from the La Salle Institute, a 4,000-square feet addition, and a restoration of the original school house.

The Little Red Schoolhouse was built in 1861. In the early years, students attended from kindergarten to eight grade with one teacher.  Today, the schoolhouse has students from kindergarten to 2nd grade.

I totally understand the need to expand to meet the needs of the school district, but if you have something as unique as the only remaining one-room schoolhouse in the country I think you need to preserve that history.

The vote on the proposal will happen March 4 at the Little Red Schoolhouse.

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