In my family, we have a Christmas tradition of exchanging Christmas ornaments on Christmas Eve every year. We try to find an ornament that represents something significant from that year.

My daughter is really into horror movies so one year she got a Michael Myers ornament. My wife loves dogs (we have four of them) so we got her a dog ornament one year. My son is into video games so he got a Halo ornament and of course, I'm into Jeeps so I usually get some kind of Jeep ornament.

Now, 2020 is coming to an end and we need to find the perfect ornament to express what 2020 has meant to us. I looked all over Amazon and eBay, but nothing was quite perfect. Then I saw the 3D printed, LED light-up 2020 Dumpster Fire Christmas ornament on Esty and knew I'd found it.

It's the perfect keepsake from a year that has truly sucked.

After we get through this horrid year we can look back and reminisce about the coronavirus, the shutdown, the loss of jobs, masks, and toilet paper hoarding. Not to mention the 250,000+ deaths from COVID-19.



Los Angeles-based 3D-printer Amir Fakharian created toy 2020 dumpster fires complete with LED lights for his Etsy shop, RexRoi3D.  According to the article in the Times Union Fakharian was making PPE products, but when sales slowed he switched over to the 2020 ornament and sales have been through the roof.

If you like to order one they are only $22.95 and you can pick your own color.

Merry Christmas!

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