Recently I visited Hot 99.1 to have a chat with DJ Supreme about Pokemon GO and it turned into a great debate because we are the Great Debaters!

Pokemon GO is an important issue that needed to be discussed by two great debaters such as DJ Supreme and I, after debating with DJ Supreme I stick to my argument that Nintendo will make millions off of the game and that the people playing the game are too busy trying to catch Pokemon to care about what anyone says.

Unless you're saying"There is a rare Pokemon over here!" They probably won't even hear what you are saying.

If you think that the Pokemon GO trend is bad now, just wait until they develop the game a bit more.

This is just the beginning, just wait, I guarantee you, this will only get bigger and bigger. It's only a matter of time before they start having Pokemon conventions and then the Pokemon GO players will start breeding and naming their kids after Pokemon.


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