Want to go to one of the Biggest Rock Festivals of the year while the Q picks up the tab? Here's how to make this your reality ...

Picture this right now ... you and your favorite show buddy spending a weekend in Fort Myers, FL rocking out for two days to some of the biggest names in ROCK. We're talking Def Leppard, Soundgarden, A Perfect Circle, The Offspring, Mastodon, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Alter Bridge, The Pretty Reckless, and a bunch of more amazing artists some of which haven't even been announced yet and the Q is going to cover all of your costs.

Seriously, we will hook you up not only with two tickets to the Fort Rock festival but we'll cover your airfare, hotel accommodations, throw in $500 in cash so you can get some food, drinks, or some new gear. Plus our friends at Caroline Records will hook you up with and introduction to Guitar God, Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge!

All of this can be yours. You just need to sign yourself up. Do it! What are you waiting for? Click the button!

Danny Wimmer Presents
Danny Wimmer Presents

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