'JY' of Styx called Karolyi in the Q1057 studios to talk about the new album "Crash of the Crown" which is scheduled for release on Friday June 18, 2021. This is the band's 17th studio album and will be available in clear vinyl, black vinyl, CD, and on digital platforms. If you just can't wait for the official release you can pre-order the album now at Styx World.

Karolyi and JY discussed playing the hits live, a special Styx release for Record Store Day, the pandemic and how Styx used the time to write and record their latest album. Styx dates are currently scheduled into September. Will they be adding dates including a stop in the Capital Region? Check out the full interview below.

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Listen to the full Q1057 interview with J.Y. of Styx here:

Here is the title track to Crash of the Crown:

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