A Penske rental truck hit the Glenridge Road railroad bridge and it basically peeled the entire top off the box! Apparently, this overpass gets his a lot, including last July according to The Daily Gazette. I'm not sure if someone was moving or this was a business using this rental, but I know this...it's an expensive mistake if you don't have the extra insurance. How do I know it's expensive? Well......

15 years ago I moved to Omaha, Nebraska and I rented two Penske rental trucks. I took the additional insurance...something just told me to do it. I drove one truck and my dad drove the other. We made it about 750 event free miles and unloaded the trucks. The next day my Dad was driving the truck back to home when he got tired and decided to pull off the highway, find a hotel and get some sleep.

Unfortunatly, my tired father forgot that he was driving a tall rental truck. He pulled into the hotel and drove under the awning.....or should I say right into the awning! It peeled the top of the box back about 6 feet. It really made a mess!

Penske covered the entire accident and it didn't cost us a cent. However, if we didn't have the extra insurance we would have been on the hook for about $9,000!!! So take my advice get the extra insurance, it's totally worth it!

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