Yesterday Tiger Woods took to his twitter before an anticipated press conference and laid down a challenge to all the media. It was press conference time for Tiger Woods yesterday as he gets set to return to golf after dealing with a leg injury for the past few months.  Right before it was going to begin he sent out a very interesting tweet.  If no one in the media asked him about his leg, he would donate $1 million to the Tiger Woods Foundation.

So with the challenge thrown out Tiger approached the podium, and the very first question out of a reporters mouth was about his leg.  Tiger kind of smirked and then answered the question.  He did end up donating the money anyway.  He was probably planning on doing it anyway, but decided to have some fun with it.  I'm glad Tiger has his sense of humor back. Woods is hoping he will be back in time for the US Open in June, but will likely sit out any tournaments before that.