You can never count out the Denver Broncos when Tim Tebow is taking the snap.  They shocked the Pittsburgh Steelers with the first play of overtime to win 29-23 and move on the face the New England Patriots.


If you turned your head for an instant during OT between the Broncos and the Steelers then you missed one hell of a conclusion to a great playoff game.  If it were any other year I would have put all my chips on the Steelers, but it was Tebow time and he let it be known.

Denver was leading the Steelers 20-6 going into half time, and that was shocking still.  Pittsburgh of course battled back to tie the game up with just minutes left to play.  We thought for sure it was going to be the end of Tebows miraculous run when OT started and the crazy rules were laid out, but that was not the case.  One single play and the Broncos continue on, and the Steelers pack up and try again next year.

I am a full Tebow believer now.  I still think that New Orleans is the real deal, but in the AFC Tebow and the Broncos have a higher power on their side.  They shalt not be messed with.

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