First off, I like you heard this news and was just flat out baffled. That is until I heard what grocery store. It just seems like this should have been an honor reserved for someone else.

You always hear commercials about the Ninety Nine Restaurants having colossal lobster rolls. Also Lobster Lovers weekends, all the time. You hear about numerous seafood establishments having some good ones too. Maybe not as good as you may find on the tips of Massachusetts and in Maine, but good none the less.

Well, none of those places mentioned above actually have the most highly regarded lobster rolls in the Capital Region. But instead, get this. Market 32. Now, this doesn't shock me at all. I myself do all of my shopping at Market 32. The quality of their food is just great. Also, the ones who have prepared food, have some pretty good food at that.

I will not get into the mayo or no mayo argument though. Not going down that road.

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