Heroes in a half-shell, in downtown Albany.

Albany is quickly becoming a go-to town to shoot movies. Why? Because we're cheap, and it's finally paying off for us.

"Salt," "The Other Guys," "War Of The Worlds," "Ironweed," "The Time Machine," "Ghost Story," "Scent Of A Woman," "The Emperor's Club," "Seabiscuit" and of course "The Place Beyond The Pines" have all had scenes shot locally. Another movie shoot may be coming to town starring pizza-fiending-adolescent-transformed-martial-arts-inclined testudines.

For those of you who weren't aware, the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" were rebooted with a movie in 2014, which most importantly starred Megan Fox. Albany is on the list of potential places to film an action sequence for the sequel, reports the Times Union. Shooting would be happening in April, which means we wouldn't see a release until at least next year. Right? I think that's how movies work.

Mostly I'm just excited at the chance Megan Fox might be in the same city I'm in. Cowabunga.

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