TNA Wrestling X Division Champion Kenny King can help you hold that glowing piece of the agro crag high above your head.

While sitting down to play some good old fashion Guts for Super Nintendo system on my computer someone brought something to my attention. And after further inspection I too noticed something very familiar about one of the characters in the game. If you are any sort of wrestling fan you might recognize the first face on the top row.

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Yes that is in fact the TNA X Division champion himself Kenny King. Clearly a life of slamming actuators, racing on the moon and paddling invisible boats has made Kenny into the impressive pro wrestler he is today. Which if this is any indication to you young aspiring wrestlers out there if you want to be a champion you better get your booty to Orlando and start competing in Guts stat!

Oh what’s that, they don’t make new episodes of guts anymore? Well sorry kids, looks like you are out of luck. Quit now while you still can take up basketball. Or take option B and play it on you computer now for free. The fact that you can play the Guts video game on your computer is one thing, but the idea of playing as a young spry Kenny King from TNA is amazing. I have never found myself more jealous of anyone then I am of young eleven-teen year old Kenny King right now. All I ever wanted was a piece of that glowing agro crag sitting on my night stand.

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