Nobody is perfect (except for Mr. Perfect) sometimes we forget to get tissues at the store, or we run out with no backup tissues, or you may live in a home with no tissues. Whatever the reason may be for the absence of tissues, noses still run and need to be blown, so what do you use?

Paper Towels

Using a paper towel as a tissue substitute seems like a very logical solution but is it really? Some paper towels are kind of hard and when you fold it up the edges you’ve created become hard and can scrape your skin. If you have a softer paper towel you can avoid skin irritation but there is still a spillage factor to take into consideration. Sometimes when you blow your nose into a paper towel the boogers don’t stick and you have to kind of fold the paper towel up as you blow.

Toilet Paper

Using toilet paper as a tissue substitute is usually the best bet but it is the little differences between a tissue and toilet paper that make some people turn to paper towels instead. The shape of toilet paper creates problems and makes you misjudge where you are shooting your snot rockets, if you crumple the paper up you can fire a booger straight out of the toilet paper but you can avoid that by folding instead of crumbling. When using toilet paper for a tissue sometimes the toilet paper is not strong enough the handle a booger blast, if you don’t have time to overlap the toilet paper before blowing your nose, you're going to give someone a green shower.

Using toilet paper as a tissue requires skill.


Only the French use these, you don’t want to be like the French do you?

A Plastic Bag 

I did this once, it was kind of cool but it did not work when I went for the after wipe.

Your Sleeve

It will not help you get a date but I am pretty sure that it will make people think you’re some kind of super hero or villain.

Personally, I use toilet paper because I've got skills, what do you use?

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