Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer has connected with a daughter he didn't know he had.

He said they’d met for the first time last year and that he’d been waiting for the perfect moment to share his happiness.

While Thayer – who isn’t known to have had any other children – didn’t reveal any details about Sierra’s past, he described the experience of getting to know her as a miracle.

“This is a big one,” he said on Instagram, alongside a picture of him and Sierra together at a beach. “I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell everyone. My daughter Sierra and I were blessed to find each other last summer.” He added: “We’ve already spent a lot of time since getting to know each other and creating a close bond. She’s a beautiful, sincere person and I couldn’t be happier. I think she feels the same about me. The most wonderful thing about miracles is that they sometimes happen.”

In 2013 Thayer looked back on how important his family was to him, saying: “Dad and Mom started the J. Thayer Co. in 1955 and it became the largest office products company on the West Coast. My brothers Mike and John were involved. A large conglomerate bought it in the 1990s and, when John’s noncompete [agreement] finished, he started another J. Thayer Co., a web-based company in Lake Oswego that’s expanded into California, Washington and Denver.”

He added: “A lot of guys come from lousy families. Not that we haven’t had our problems; every family has their issues.” But he went on to say that his parents had “always been supportive of what I or we wanted to do. Never heard, ‘Can’t do that; shouldn’t do that.’”


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