Check your freezer to be sure these frozen treats aren't going to potentially make you sick.

The summer is here and there is nothing better than a frozen treat to help cool you down. However if your ice cream is possibly contaminated you may be running into to some other problems that could make your fun in the sun not so fun.

Totally Cool, which makes many brands of ice cream products sold right here in New York is now doing a massive recall on many of them due to possible listeria contamination.

Listeria Symptoms

According to the FDA, here are the following symptoms for listeria exposure:

Mild symptoms may include a fever, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If the more severe form of listeriosis develops, symptoms may include headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, and convulsions. For the very young, the elderly, and the immune-compromised listeriosis can result in death.

With some of these symptoms on the more serious side you see why it will be important to check on which products you might have.

Which products does Totally Cool make?

They make a wide variety including some Friendly's products, ChipWich, Cumberland Farms brand, Hershey's, and many others.

Here are what you should be looking for in your freezers:

Hershey's: (All Codes Between: Cakes: 2305140 to 2405170 Cones: 3174 to 4047 Sandwiches: 2307187 to 2406163 With Plant Code: 24-65, 24- 0065, 2465, 240065)

  •  38 fl oz vanilla and chocolate flavored ice cream cake
  • 110 fl oz vanilla and chocolate flavored ice cream cake
  • 4 fl oz Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cones
  • 4 fl oz Cookies & Cream Polar Bear Ice Cream Sandwiches

Friendly's: (All Dates Between 05/20/2024 to 05/28/2025 With Plant Code: 24-65, 24- 0065, 2465, 240065 )

  • 60 fl oz Celebration Ice Cream Cake
  • 40 fl oz Strawberry Krunch Ice Cream Cake

Cumberland Farms: (All Codes Between: 113025 to 120425)

  • Cumberland Farms, Farmhouse Premium Ice Cream Sandwich, Rich Vanilla, 4 fl oz
  • Cumberland Farms, Farmhouse Premium Ice Cream Sandwich, Marvelous Mint, 4 fl oz

For the full product list, click here.

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