Three videos from The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show web site enter, one will win! Which one of these three videos is the dumbest of them all? 


This first video of dumb people being dumb is from Russia!

I hope making a video of what happens when you cut a propane tank in half was worth everything that the fire consumed.

But seriously. if you are going to be grilling this Spring and Summer, use propane. Taste the meat not the heat.

This next one, is from somewhere!

This one is my favorite, but I do not know if it is the dumbest or not. Because I can not see how big the box is that he is trying to lift, now do I know what is in it.

From Florida, America's most interesting state.

I think that this one is the dumbest of the three, but in a good way, I am not criticizing these guys because they raised the bar.

Some people get a goat or a cow or a pony for their backyard party.

These guys got a gator.

Wonder what they are going to get for the next party, and did anyone notice if they were grilling with propane?