I saw Triumph in 1983 at the Cincinnati Gardens and it was ana amazing show. My friends and I always called Triumph, "That other Canadian band" because we really only knew that RUSH was from Canada. The show was amazing. The amount of sound that three guys on stage could make was overwhelming and that night solidified my fandom of the band Triumph and their guitarist/ singer Rik Emmett.

Rik says he has officially retired from the road and is very happy hanging out in his home studio recording, writing songs and poetry, and working on small projects. However, he told me in our interview that he's busier in retirement then he's almost ever been. He's written a book of poetry, he produced a series of singer/songwriter acoustic songs called, "Folk Songs for the Farewell Bonfire" and there's even a new documentary about his early days called, "Triumph: Lay It On The Line". It's being produced by Banger Films, the same filmmakers that did the ZZ Top documentary on Netflix right now.

Check out everything Rik Emmett has been working on at www.rikemmett.com.

Here's the video I mention in the interview of Rik Emmett playing "Fight The Good Fight".

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