Recently my girlfriend got the Twilight bug and wanted to watch the final 3 movies in the series via On Demand. She asked me to join her in watching these films because I like vampire flicks. 

Side note: These are not vampire movies. To me, a vampire movie is not some tween love story. Bram Stocker got it right, heck - even Underworld did a good job in a few, not all, of the movies in the series.

I sat down and attempted to make it through the 3rd movie in the series. She was kind enough to finished the series last night with the final 2 movies while I was in the bedroom watching Ghost Collector on Syfy.

As I was wondering around the net this morning I found the above video. I showed it to her and got a "sigh" in return. Hey, I tried to watch it but if you are going to have vampires you:

#1 - Cannot make it a love story
#2 - Cannot Kristen Stewart have star in it
#3 - Must have Vampires kill people, not forest animals.
#4 - Need to make the movies super violent.
#5 - Have to have actual nudity in it, Vampires are blood thirsty sexual beings - Sex it up a bit (not that I wanted to see Kristen Stewart naked)