I always thought it would be really cool to own a camp. My grandparents ran a YMCA camp in Michigan when I was growing up and I thought it had to the best job in the best place in the world. Well, here's a camp that's a little more luxurious than a YMCA camp and it's for sale two and a half hours from Albany. It's the perfect getaway.

This classic "great camp" was built in 1906 and stands as a time capsule from a era where wealthy families would summer in the Adirondack's. The camp was built by John Tod, a coal and iron dealer. Since then it's only been owned by only three families according to the Times Union. During the summer it was for sale for a cool $3.25 million, but now it's up for auction...with NO RESERVE. Hey, if you win the $10,000 Q1057 Stimulus Check you'll be well on your way to bidding on this amazing camp.

Check out the pictures they are truly amazing.

If you're ready to throw down your big bid go to Platinum Luxury Auctions and get registered. If you win, you have to invite us up for a weekend.

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