One thing the pandemic cannot stop is love. With Valentine's Day headed our way many Capital Region couples are sure to become engaged to be married. According to December is by far the most popular month for proposals but if you missed the boat at the end of 2020 don't worry. As you will see, how and when you propose is totally up to you and the sky is the limit.

#3 - Victoria and Jordan - These two took a proposal to a new level as they were engaged high up in the Adirondacks. According to How They Asked, they planned a 22-mile loop route to hike the tallest mountain in New York State on Christmas Eve. After several setbacks on the hike, they made a stop. Jordan turned to Victoria, held her hands and explained that she lit two fires in him: the first, a love for the outdoors and backpacking and adventure, and the second, a love for her. She said YES!

Image 7 of Victoria and Jordan

#2 UP Themed Proposal - This couple's favorite movie is the Pixar film UP. For this proposal Earth Porm says it took the groom to be, "weeks of flea market hopping, garage sale searches, eyeing up antique stores and department stores, but I was able to find the details needed to recreate the living room scene." She said YES!

Photo credit Michael Scicolone
Photo credit Michael Scicolone

#1 Disney Princess Proposal - Found this one on Scoop Whoop and I don't know how he did it but this groom to be hacked his girlfriend's favorite Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty to propose. You have to watch this. She said YES!

You certainly don't have to go to these lengths but it was fun to see. If you are planning a proposal we wish you love and happiness for life.



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