Want a chance to fly in one of the greatest aircraft from WWII? Well, here’s your chance to tour and even fly in the legendary B-17G, Aluminum Overcast.

It’s a flying tribute to the men and women that flew these flying fortress and helped liberate Europe from the Germans.

I’ve been lucky enough to fly in this B-17G twice and another B-17, The Liberty Belle, a week before it experienced a fuel leak and burned to the ground. Believe me it's an amazing experience to fly in one of these Warbirds.

Currently there are only a handful of these beautiful aircraft in flying condition today. It’s truly a special experience to tour one…let alone go for an hour long flight in one. Believe it or not this B-17G was bought from the ARMY in 1946 as surplus for $750!

During the flight you can move around the aircraft, check out the .50 Cal waist guns, the tail gunner position, the cockpit and even the nose where the bombardier sat.

The tour, sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), will make stops in Upstate New York in September and October. Flights will be available in Ithaca, Glens Falls, and Montgomery.


Cost for the Ground Tour is $10, $20 for family and free for veterans/active military. Mission Flights range from $409 to $475. Here are the dates for Upstate NY below.

Sept. 13-15 at Ithaca-Tompkins Regional Airport in Ithaca, NY

Sept. 17 at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport in Glens Falls, NY

Oct. 15 at Orange County Airport in Montgomery, NY

For tickets and flight info click HERE

Here's video of me flying in this exact B-17 several years ago.

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