Dozens of motorists experienced a rather unconventional and unexpected delay on their commute home in Niskayuna yesterday...

During the rush hour commute home yesterday, drivers in Niskayuna were held up at Balltown Road and Union Street by a turkey that apparently has no fear and decided that she was just going to hang out in the middle of the road and make everyone in vehicles trying to get home from work wait, or drive around her.

Our Digital Media Editor here at the Q got to witness the turkeys obvious lack of appreciation for anyone's time or safety first hand and even managed to grab a quick video for us.

Apparently this is not the first time she has terrorized the area. Howeve,r according to CBS6Albany it should be the last because:

Police and conservation officers caught the bird with a garbage can and a blanket as she held up traffic at the intersection of Balltown Road and Route 7.

They say she will be cared for, rehabilitated, and then relocated. So the roads are safe, at least for now.

What's with all the turkeys going rogue in the Capital Region this year? Remember back in February when a couple of wild turkeys were staking claim on the Colonie Library? Plus just a few weeks back I legit saw a turkey strolling down the side of 90 near Henry Johnson Blvd. I have a felling this is not the last we are going to see of them roaming around.