I have not really explored Google Chrome's web browser yet. Although I haven't heard any negative feedback about  the relatively new browser compared to Internet Explorer, which is absolutely horrible (if you were interested in knowing my opinion). Since, I am a Mac addict, I generally work off of Firefox and Safari. The browsers tend to work well with Mac applications, especially with web graphics.

Today, I came across a website started by the crew of Google Chrome. The name of the site is Chrome Experiments. It is filled with web experiments and "games" to test out various interactions with Javascript. For those of you unaware of what Javascript is, it is basically "web talk" for what is responsible for making the Internet so kick ass these days. The site was designed to inspire rising web developers, but the experiments are rather entertaining for those of us just looking to mess around on the web.

After playing around with a few of the featured experiments, I found that I really liked BallDroppings. It is essentially a musical performance with graphics that you create on your blank digital canvas. Another piece I looked at was 20 Things I Learned, which broke down and simplified the World Wide Web into an entertaining story book format. For anyone that has ever studied web development and computer science, it's complicated as hell and I compare it to learning a second language.

So, I encourage everyone to take a look at the site. It's a great procrastination tool to deter you from Facebook because that is probably where you planned on going next.