So many concerts year in and year out, one band stood out among the rest.

We all have our favorite bands. When I asked last week what band have you seen the most I never expect so many people to comment. Along with that the insane amount of people who went to see one certain band. It shows the Capital Region has much love for Sully Erna and Godsmack. They have been seen most by 23 of the people who commented a week ago at well over 100 times in total.

A lot of other standouts too. With the number signifying people who have seen this band more than any other.

  • Five Finger Death Punch: 12
  • Metallica: 9
  • Breaking Benjamin: 8
  • Avenged Sevenfold: 8
  • Pearl Jam: 7
  • Korn: 7
  • Slipknot: 6
  • Tesla: 5
  • Grateful Dead: 5
  • Papa Roach: 5
  • In This Moment: 5
  • Aerosmith: 5
  • Rush: 5
  • Disturbed: 5

All in all the Capital Region has really good taste in music. Which of these bands would you like to see return to the area the most?