In a world of recurring characters but no continuity, Warner Bros. Entertainment make movies based on characters from DC Comics, but never movies based on DC Comics. As a fan who has read over thousands of DC Comics I have lost faith in all of the new DC Comics movies. 


I used to have faith, I loved The Dark Knight and accepted that the script was an adaptation of The Long Halloween and The Killing Joke. Then I saw The Dark Knight Rises, I was happy that they finally got Bane and Catwoman right, but disappointed that they tried to combine Knightfall and No Mans Land. 

My confidence in movies based on DC Comics was slipping after The Dark Knight Rises. I took comfort in the fact that Warner Bros. did not continue the tradition of making star-studded movies based on characters from Batman but never a movie based on the actual comics.

I enjoyed Man of Steel and my confidence was restored. A few tweaks to the Superman story here and there, but over all a good interpretation.

It all went downhill from there.

They announced that Ben Affleck will be the new Batman, in the sequel to Man of Steel, They had barely established who this new Superman is and already we have Batman vs Superman.

Sorry Superman, you are not interesting enough to have your own sequel.

In regards to Ben Affleck, some people like him, but to me he will always be the characters he played in Dazed and Confused and Mallrats because I don't think he was acting in those movies. Then again I don't think Affleck knows what Acting is, he knows how to be a Movie Star.

What is the difference? An Actor acts, a Movie Star just shows up.

I almost came to terms with Ben Affleck playing Batman, then I found out about the plot to Batman vs Superman. 

Batman vs Superman; Will be based off of The Dark Knight Returns, which is considered a 'elseworlds' story or in other words; a story that takes place outside of the main story line.  It is pretty much fan fiction.

The Dark Knight Returns is a great read, about Batman coming our of retirement after 10 years to restore order to Gotham City and take down a now Government corrupted Superman.

Sorry Superman, your sequel has to be based on a Batman comic and you're the bad guy.

Now we have all these spoilers coming out that imply that this movie will launch a Justice League  movie, because Wonder Woman is going to show up.

Not only is the Batman vs Superman movie going to launch a Justice League movie but also a Suicide Squad  movie. Both movies have little to do with the comics that they are based on, but they are based on characters associated with those comics.

Faith Lost.

I don't want to know anymore, I don't care what actors and actresses are going to be in these movies. How hard is it, to pick up a comic book, look at the panels and make scenes in a movie identical to the illustrated panels? That look allot like a story-board.

I have spent more time then I would of liked to on this blog. In conclusion; Everything Warner Bros. is doing with movies based off of DC Comics is garbage and will probably flop so bad at the box office that they will cancel production on all other DC Comic based projects.

Or at least I hope.

If you like poorly written, over hyped, star studded, light shows based off of DC Comic characters that have nothing to do with DC Comics then enjoy!

If you like DC Comics watch Arrow and The Flash.

If you are a Marvel fan, keep your mouth shut or I will blog about Spiderman and Punisher movies. Or I will go nuclear on you and do a review of 1990 Captain America movie.





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