The Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles were pretty awesome when I was growing up and still hold up to me today. So wouldn’t I dig these Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles? You’re damn right I would!

I think I like these ninja turtles better now that all the loose ends have been tied up. No more wondering why these turtles love pizza or why they have the arms and legs of men. Now it’s just fat salmonella dwelling turtles that can’t get off their own backs.

The people who create comics and superheroes really never use to give much thought into the details of things. “How did this guy get his powers? Ummm, toxic waste”?  That’s pretty much how 99.9% of all super heroes are made. You take an animal and make it a man or girl. Bat man, Spiderman, hawk girl, bird man, yada yada yada… but why are these creatures the perfect mix of the good parts of both human and animal? Why aren't there mermaids with human legs and a fish heads? That’s why I love that Jeff Goldblum movie “The Fly”. That sucker became a fly man and not the cute I have wings and eat dog poop kind. No he became a creepy scary gross fly just like you would in REAL life.


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