The road that is deemed one of the most dangerous roads in New York State is actually very close to the Capital Region.

The road that has this distinction is the Taconic Parkway. When I first saw this I was actually kind of baffled because the Taconic isn't what I thought would have been considered to be dangerous. What makes is so are the constant twists and turns along with changes of elevation. The other aspect is that for the majority of it it is a four lane road, two on each side. That part I suppose could make it a bit nerve racking.

At the same time Alternate Route 7 on the eastbound side heading towards Troy is also a two lane road for the majority of it and I travel that road every day at highway speeds. The drive isn't all that sketchy and I don't exactly have a gem of a car either. I am sure there are much scarier roads across the state and I would even venture to say the Capital Region even has roads that make the strong weak at the knees.

What is the most dangerous road in our state? Is it actually the Taconic Parkway?