Christmas is the most holly jolly time of the year but some Christmas themed media from the past is downright terrifying, like Suzy Snowflake.

High Class Christmas
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It's the most wonderful time of the year and there'll be scary ghost stories, Andy Williams said it himself.

Suzy Snowflake must be a ghost of a woman who froze to death and now every winter she comes back to tap on peoples windows, in attempt to lure them out into the snow so that they will freeze to death too.

Another scary, kind of grim thing that I have noticed about Christmas themed media is in regards to Santa Claus:

In Time Allen's The Santa Clause, the first Santa dies and no one seems to care, not even when they get to the North Pole none of the elves seem to care that the Santa that left the North Pole on that night died, maybe their used to it? Maybe the Santa before Tim Allen was a jerk, but it's kind of frighting.

In Santa Claus: The Movie, Santa and Mrs. Claus freeze to death in the beginning, they get caught in a blizzard while trying to deliver toys to children, so that means Santa Claus is a ghost he leaves your children presents, then somehow eats cookies and drinks milk.


That is what scares me about Christmas.



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