When driving around the Capital Region I sometimes notice these red and white signs placed on buildings. Some are solid red, some have a red and shite "x" through them and others are red with a white slash. So what's the deal?

Originally, when I saw these on older buildings I figured they were some kind of signal that a building was going to be demolished or even renovated, but apparently, that's not the case.

After a few minutes of research, I found out that these signs are safety signals to first responders and firefighters as to the condition of an abandoned or dilapidated building. The biggest misconception is that these signs are designating these buildings for demolition. That's not the case. I saw several of the red and white signs on buildings that were actively undergoing renovations.

Some residents that live near buildings with these signs would like them removed. In 2018 neighborhood leaders asked the city to remove the signs from vacant buildings because it was putting a negative stigma on certain neighborhoods in the Capital Region.

According to an article on News 10, people feel like the signs actually hurt revitalization efforts in these neighborhoods.

It is kind of like it puts a Scarlett letter on the neighborhood. It discourages people from putting their money whether they’re an investor or a first time home buyer.

~Adam Zaranko, Executive Director of the Albany County Land Bank, said.

What's the Deal With The Red & White Signs On Capital Region Buildings?

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