Vermont seems to get a lot of praise when it comes to leaves changing colors. I think New York is just as beautiful if not more.

For many of the Capital Region natives we tend to not realize exactly how beautiful our state is, especially this time of year. While everyone wants to gush over pumpkin spice, I want to take in some fresh autumn breaths and view the beauty of fall. Now yes, Vermont is a beautiful state and has plenty of scenic views along its numerous country back roads. New York has also got a lot of very scenic views too.

I woke up this morning to help my brother move some furniture, the ride to his house was breath taking. If you travel up Hoosick St from Troy towards Vermont you will see some amazing sights. The tall hills plastered with orange, green and red leaves. All the open farm land surrounded by the beauty of the fall season. This is why I personally love New York.

We have so much to be proud of in this state but sadly many of us never travel outside of the innermost parts of the city and when we do its up the Northway to Clifton Park or Saratoga. But even then, our most traveled road also has some pretty amazing sights to be seen. Go north of Saratoga and Glens Falls and you will see even more stunning views of the country sides.

Born and raised here in Troy, I also am one of those people who tends not to notice the changing of the season or tends to forget how beautiful it can be. We shouldn't though. We should be proud to be from the Capital Region. We should be proud to call Upstate New York home. I am. With that said where in the Capital Region in your opinion has the best views for fall foliage or are you under the belief that Vermont has it better? I will say just east of Troy around the Brunswick - Pittstown area. What say you?

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