There are a lot, and I mean a whole lot of famous dishes in New York. Which one do you think is the best?

Sadly on the list that Only In Your State compiled, the Capital Region didn't make it. I would strongly disagree with that. Obviously whoever wrote the article for them has never been to a festival or beer event here, nor walked Saratoga at night hungry. Esperanto's Doughboy should have easily been on their ranking. So it will be on mine. Especially since Doughboys are just one of those food items that you cannot stop eating!!

  • GARBAGE PLATE: I've never had this one but it looks good, I mean if a pile of food just thrown on to a plate is good I bet you'll love this.
  • BEEF ON WECK: A simple dish just a basic roast beef sandwich with a very special bun, a kummelweck roll.
  • MICHIGANS: These have me scratching my head, this is a dish that originated in New York? It looks like a larger hot dogged version of gus's.
  • SPIEDIES: Another dish I haven't had but will in the very near future. A sub roll packed with juicy flavorful chicken or other meat.
  • BUFFALO WINGS: Gonna be hard for any other food on this list to beat out Buffalo Wings seeing as it is a food popular throughout the country.
  • COLD CHEESE PIZZA: This one is simple and I personally love shredded mozzarella. All it is is pizza with the cheese thrown on before it is served
  • CHICKEN RIGGIES: Rigatoni, Chicken, Special Sauce. Those three ingredients make up a Utica classic that is to die for.
  • UTICA GREENS: Another simple yet satisfying dish. Sauteed greens, escarole, cheese and breadcrumbs.
  • DOUGHBOY: As said above this dish is amazing, if you haven't had one you must!

Which of these is the best New York food? Let us know in the comments.

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