I hate Katy Perry. In my opinion there has not been a Super Bowl Halftime Show worth watching in years. There was that one year when the WWE had the Foley vs The Rock at halftime on a different station, but that does not really count. Watching the Puppy Bowl or the Kitty Bowl at halftime does not count ether. The Super Bowl Halftime show can only be at the Super Bowl, on the same channel during the same broadcast. I want Weird Al.


If you count "The Black Eyed Peas" bombing at the Super Bowl, that was a good show I guess. Leave it to Justin Timberlake to ruin Janet Jackson's boob. I don't even know what happened when Beyonce did the halftime show, because I left the room. Now I am drawing a blank as to who did the halftime show last year.

Some fool once said to me " What's wrong with Beyonce, what? would you rather see a MAN?"

I did not say anything at the time because of circumstances that I will not mention, because the fool that said that to me has influence on other fools, who do foolish things that will be irrelevant in the future. Because Pop stars come and go, but Rock is forever!

Yes I would like to see a MAN or group of Men that Rock at the Super Bowl. It's FOOTBALL!!!

We want to get pumped up, not turned on.