On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played some clips from Diane Sawyer's interview with Bruce Jenner, last Friday on 20/20. I never knew who Bruce Jenner was before he became a woman, how about you? 


Before I get into it, here is the full interview, in case you missed it.

Here is a quickie version of the interview.

Getting back to the lead in this blog post, I never knew who Bruce Jenner was until this story broke. I am not afraid to admit that I am not completely up to date with modern pop culture, especially if it has anything to do with the Kardashians.

According to Wikipedia, The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show and the 20/20 interview,  Bruce Jenner won a gold medal in the 1976 Olympics, he was on CHiPS, some made for TV movies and some reality show about the Kardashians.

Now that he is a she, and she is in the spotlight because she is being who she wants to be and has wanted to be all her life.

According to Guidelines for Transgender Care (2006), Gender Spectrum Education and Training, Families in TRANSition (2008)

49% of transgender people commit suicide.

18% are homeless.

1 in 12 are murdered.

Although, it is good that Bruce Jenner's story is a step in the direction of transgender awareness, the media is making it more like it is all about Bruce Jenner. Who can afford the reassignment surgery, he will not be homeless or commit suicide, but has a 1 in 12 chance of being murdered.

All that I hear from Bruce Jenner's interviews is "Me, me, me, me, me, me...." Maybe I am not listening closely enough.

Maybe I am being bias but I feel that the media is treating this In typical Kardashian fashion, they are treating this as if Bruce Jenner is the first transgender person ever.

I did not watch the entire interview, like most Americans, I read the headlines and watched the highlights. I have met transgender people before and my opinion of them is that they are just people.

If you really want to know how a transgender person feels, find one, if you can because apparently over half of them are dead, but if you really want to find one, you're in luck because a good portion of them are homeless.

That makes them easier to find.

Or watch Bruce Jenner talk about his gold medal winning, reality TV show staring struggle.

Poor Bruce.

Meanwhile in Russia, a man is going to have his head transplanted onto another human body.