Tonight, WWE Monday Night Raw comes to the Times Union Center. I will be there to greet all of you and chat about WWE, if you’re brave enough to approach me. I’m sure most of you are just going to stare at me or shout your opinions. Thanks ok too. 

I, for one, am glad that WWE Monday Night Raw is returning to Albany because Albany is so rich in Monday Night Raw history!

Albany is where the 2nd version of Degeneration X was formed, then there is the infamous Beer Truck incident and those are just two of the famous WWE Monday Night Raw moments that happened right here in Albany!

If you want to look cool, you can list the rest of the Albany Raw moments in the comments, or come tell me how bad this blog is in person.

Ether way, let’s all come out and have a good time tonight and hope that Ronda Rousey makes Albany, NY famous again on Monday Night Raw!

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