Remember when you were a kid and you lost your favorite toy? I do and it still haunts me to this day! Poor Baa Baa Bear WHERE ARE YOU?   Sorry I digress.

Saturday night someone in the pavilion at SPAC lost this Ace Frehley doll with Gene's bass. Why is Ace playing Gene's signature battle-axe bass guitar? I don't know, but I do know that we should try to get Ace back to his rightful home.

So here are the details that we know. The Ace doll was found in the orchestra seats right in front of Gene Simmons. It might have been left by a mother and son. The son seemed to be in his mid to late teens.

If this doll is yours or you have an idea who's it is contact us at Q1057 and help us get him back to his home.

You can call us at (518) 881-1515, send me an email at or drop by the station at 1241 Kings Road, Schenectady, NY 12303