"Project Lifesaver" can help find someone who is missing in 30 minutes or less, do you support "Project Lifesaver?"


I agree that it's a good idea and I like that our taxes are not paying for this although I would not mind if they were because I am all for keeping track of fast children and confused senior citizens.

I also agree with Sheriff Apple, it's better to rescue someone instead of recovering them.

I don't think that I need to wear an ankle bracelet but I think that my wife needs one because it should not take two hours to go to the store for milk, I don't understand how she does it, I wish she was cheating on me because that would make sense!

She claims that she goes 'window shopping' but all I asked her to do is get milk, chocolate milk, thee chocolate milk: Hood Moostruck 1% Low Fat Chocolate Milk.

I don't believe that my wife is window shopping though, I think that she is secretly going to Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's and that is why I think she should have to wear an ankle bracelet because she keeps denying that she is getting fast food although the floor of her car is lined with empty fast food bags and she just found out that she can not fit into her winter coat.

The worst part is, she made me get a JC Penny credit card to buy her that coat.

I think I am the Al Bundy of Radio....


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